What Are Clash Of Clans Leagues

Clash Of Clans Leagues

There are people who love playing Clash of Clans all throughout the world. This colorful game is fun and it also requires quite a bit of planning an strategy. This makes it the perfect challenge to engage in during your downtime. If you have recently downloaded this app and want to learn all that you possibly can about playing, you may be asking the questions, “What are Clash of Clans leagues and how do these work?”. Following is everything you need to know about different league types and the various rules that apply to them.

Leagues are basically groups that you can join as you establish yourself as a more seasoned player. The good news is that you don’t have to launch a large number of attacks before gaining the necessary clout for league play. In fact, you simply need to complete a single, multiplayer attack. As such, these relatively new additions to the game are largely meant to encourage greater levels of play interaction.

Once you have completed your first multiplayer attack, you will be put into a team or league level that is suited to your experience and skill. This, however, is only true if you have a trophy count of 400 or above. Each league level has its own trophy range but 400 is the lowest level within these ranges.

When your accumulate trophies start reaching specific limits you will receive the relevant promotions or demotions. Thus, if you are put in a relatively low-scoring league from the outset, this does not mean that you do not have the opportunity to advance. More importantly, you should avoid getting too comfortable in any position and should always work to keep your playing and scoring on par with your league goals.

There are a number of rules that you are going to adhere to in order to continue experiencing league play. For instance, all players have the opportunity to display their league badges. These appear next to every player’s name and can be seen throughout various portions of the game. This is more of a privilege than a rule and definitely gives people a feeling of clout.

Whenever you are victorious in a multiplayer attack, you will earn some booty as your prize. The amount of loot that you claim will be determined by the challenge of the attack, the location, and other factors. The results screen for this battle will clearly display your bonuse.

Other factors that affect league play are tracking abilities. All league members will have the ability to track successes for both defending and attacking. These tallies can be found right next to your name when viewing the league screen. These counters will undergo an automatic reset whenever a league’s trophy numbers fall below 300 hundred or when the season for league play comes to an end.

All players can be demoted or promoted a countless number of times each season. This means that there are no limits on how far you can go as a league player. Just be mindful of the fact that if you do not keep yourself at 400 trophies or above, you will lose this privilege.

Leagues can contain as many as one hundred players at any single time. This allows you to compete with individual members of your league given that your in-league ratings will change each time your attack and defense tallies rise or fall. This is a great way to keep track of your developing Clash of Clan skills.